1861-08-late James T. Fields

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James T. Fields


[late Aug. 1861?] 

Mr. Fields,

First, thanks for yourself.  I would like to say a good deal on “the study” but I suppose a Solomon of good taste would remind me that there is a time to keep silence. Thank you, which I do say sincerely.

I would like Margret restored. I would also like the book called Margret Howth—you were right, and I was wrong. Is it too late?

Chapters—I suppose— I’ll mark them.             

Now for a favour. Will you publish the book anonymously? I cannot tell you the repugnance I feel to seeing my name in print when the time comes near. The book would sell as well—nobody knows me—and I very much wish it, if you are willing.            

Do not change the name if you dislike a hange.                      

Another thing—my spelling calls out most rebelliously to your proof-reader to be let alone.    Some “slang” I will restore right—he cannot be expected to understand slang. As for the rest I abide by your judgment. Out here we never open Webster—swear by English dictionaries and as I am a native of “out here” may’nt I spell honour with a u?  “Childish” you think?—well, spelling is my hobby. If it hurts your established rules, never mind, however.  For a week I have been trying to bring a story down to your limits, have not had time to go up street for that likeness. I will send it tomorrow with the story.  It is a desperate tragical concern. The story, I mean not the face, but I hope you’ll publish it. I like it being written honestly--

Always yours

Indeed I was glad about that dinner praise. It has put me in a good humour. Perhaps though your Clicquot[1] was good and gave my story a rosy light.

[1]French champagne.


S. M. Harris


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