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James T. Fields


January 25, 1861, Wheeling 

Mr. Fields,

You do not owe me these $’s at all! It is pure pretense on your part, because the original price was paid all at once, you recollect?  My first impulse was to return it and explain. And then I remembered that “it is easier to give than to receive gracefully.” So I say it is all right, and business-like, of course!  But “no more o’that, Hal.”[1] “John Brent”[2] came safely. Thank you for sending it. What a clear pretty volume you have made of it.  We are all in the snow here too. I wish you and Mrs. Fields would come and see Wheeling white. I wish you both would come and see me this winter. I can promise you nothing but a welcome from all the family, half Irish, and half Virginia. Will it tempt you?

Yours sincerely,
R. B. H.

I sent the last proof and a note enclosed the other day.

[1] From Shakespeare’s Henry V.

[2] A novel by US writer and lawyer Theodore Winthrop (1828-1861) published posthumously by Ticknor & Fields in 1862.


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