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About the Site

Rebecca Harding Davis: Collected Works provides access to a selection of Davis’s writing and personal letters. 

Brief Editorial Policy

Unless otherwise indicated, the copy-text for all work published during Davis’s lifetime will be the first published appearance in periodical or book form. Transcriptions are based on publicly available texts using OCR (when available) and hand transcription. 

We welcome contact from anyone who wishes to transcribe a text or contribute a "Cultural Context" essay (a short 500 word piece on an issue relevant to Davis's life and work).  Please contact the Site Administrator for more information.

Site Administrator
Mischa Renfroe (mischa.renfroe@mtsu.edu)
Professor of English
Middle Tennessee State University

Board of Advisors
Robin L. Cadwallader, St. Francis University
Donna Campbell, Washington State University
Anna Mae Duane, University of Connecticut
Sharon M. Harris, University of Connecticut
Janice Lasseter, Samford University
Arielle Zibrak, University of Wyoming