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[early 1864], Philadelphia

Dear Annie

I would have written on Saturday, but could not, as our house still is an hospital. Little Clarice[1] has been very ill with congestion of the lungs—yesterday we hardly expected her to live from hour to hour—this morning she is better—Mrs. Cooper is better—and sends her remembrances. I was sorry Mr. Fields did not like this review—but hardly thought he would—being a personal friend of Mr. Browning’s.[2] I had to say what I honestly think, though. Will you return the mss. please? Here is Miss Prescott’s[3] letter for which many thanks—I have a great deal to say but must defer it—Mr. Davis sends his warmest regards, and I am jealous—Write soon, and be patient with my notes—it won’t be so long I hope

Yours sincerely
R. H. D.


1. Probably one of her sister-in-law Carrie Davis Cooper’s children.

2. RHD and James T. Fields had been in a dispute for over a year about a review of Robert Browning’s Sordello. She had revised the review but would not convert her criticisms to praise of the book, as she was disappointed in its quality. After RHD asked to have the review returned, another contributor wrote the positive review Fields sought.

3. Harriet Prescott (Spofford) (1835-1921), American author and poet.


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