1863-05-mid, Annie Adams Fields

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1863-05-mid, Annie Adams Fields


[mid-May? 1863?], Philadelphia

Only time dear Annie for one word to send with this. It came yesterday—I will send the notice of Mr. Browning’s book tomorrow I think. [1] I wanted to write it and have nearly finished it though a headache and all sorts of aches growing out of a cold—which I relieved Mr. Davis of— Wasn’t I glad to have your note, though? And don’t I do me real true good to look back to your visit? [2]

Annie I never will forget that visit— I never thought you cared for me half so much until you came and we never really knew each other before, I think. We—Mr. Davis and I—speak of you both every day since and when we shall see you again.

I would have written sooner only for this miserable feeling of having ‘gone to mash’ with a cold—as our Western phrase has it. And now I must send this word off to catch the mail— I could do nothing with Mr. Blecker[3]—he is dis-jointed beyond remedy. I will write a good long letter with the notice. If Mr. Davis were here he would send a message. I know Carrie[4] sends her warmest remembrances. Goodbye until tomorrow.

Yours always,

Only look at this patriotic paper! It is all I have—you’ll say it is the only sign of patriotism you ever saw in me, I don’t doubt, you satirical soul—who—believes—in—Butler[5]


1. RHD often seems to use “Mrs.” when talking of the Browning review, but the review under debate concerned Robert Browning’s book, so I am assuming “Mrs.” is a slip of the pen. The debate about RHD’s less than positive review continued from May 1863 into 1864 when a review of the book was published by another reviewer.

2. The Fieldses visited the Davises in April 1863.

3. She is writing “Paul Blecker.”

4. Carrie Davis Cooper, RHD’s sister-in-law with whom they are living.

5. Benjamin Butler (1818-1893), Civil War general whom Annie adored and RHD did not. See letter to Annie Adams Fields dated April 21, [1863].


S. M. Harris


Richard Harding Davis Papers, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia



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