1862-08-22, James T. Fields

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1862-08-22, James T. Fields


August 22, [1862]

Here is Tom[1]—Mr. Fields—Tell me how you like the poor little contraband. Have you thought of any book for me to ‘try my hand’ on? [2] If not shall I choose myself? I am in a very industrious fit just now.

What do you think is the reason Mr. MacMillan[3] don’t write? I should think if he meant to take David[4] for the Magazine you would have heard—dont you?

But did not Miss Dodge do excellently well in this number![5] And I was so glad to recognize our acquaintance of the boat in the gossip about plays etc— Talking of gossip I want a talk with Annie so I’ll leave you most unceremoniously

R. B. H.

I do wish Mr George Nichols[6] would learn to spell before he corrects mine. Papaws! Is that Webster? It looks like him – Did you know I have a terrible temper?


1. RHD’s essay “Blind Tom.”

2. Fields has asked RHD to write reviews for the Atlantic Monthly, and she has agreed to do so.

3. Alexander MacMillan (1818-1896), Scottish publisher and cofounder of Macmillan Publishing.

4. “David Gaunt.”

5. RHD most likely has the advance copy of the September issue of the Atlantic Monthly in which Mary Abigail Dodge (1833-1896), writing under the name “Gail Hamilton,” published “A Complaint of Friends.”

6. The proofreader at the Atlantic Monthly who repeatedly attempted to Americanize RHD’s spelling from her preferred English spelling.


S. M. Harris


Barnard College Library, The Archives and Special Collections



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