1862-09-00, James T. Fields

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1862-09-00, James T. Fields


[September?, 1862], Wheeling

Many thanks for Mr. Cornhill’s letter. Another time I hope we will be more successful. I should like very much to have the next story published in an English magazine if you can achieve it for me. How about Tom in Dickens magazine[1] ? I have not begun the Christmas story yet,[2] having been hurried with other work but will in October. How would you like to have it? Please let me know.

Who wrote that criticism you sent me? Do you know?

So busy as I am— Ask Annie (who never has anything to do but read uninvited books and make us shame faced—and spoil and be spoiled by a certain ‘Jamie’[3]) to be forgiving if I have not yet answered her good letter. You are better pleased with a note I know but she wants pages—don’t she? “Will you put my name in as contributor?” In my most emphatic tones I write NO. My best friends and advisers hearing of Mr. Field’s wild proposition say, ‘Not yet, if ever.’ Indeed Mr. Fields I’m afraid you and Annie have had another Nahant expedition and the champagne has-------- Will you write very strangely that’s [ole?] ‘Miss Harding’ indeed!

Yours forever
“The Author of Margret Howth”


1. “Blind Tom” was published later in the year as “Blind Black Tom” in Charles Dickens’ All the Year Round.

2. “The Great Air-Engine” was published in the December 1862 Atlantic Monthly.

3. James Fields’ nickname.


S. M. Harris


Richard Harding Davis Papers, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia



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