1863-05-01, James T. Fields

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1863-05-01, James T. Fields


May 1, [1862], Wheeling

Mr Fields

I enclose Mr. Macmillan’s[1] letter for which I thank you. Will you explain one sentence for me? When he says he would like to publish a story of mine without announcing its American origin does he mean one written for you and republished there or written for them? Please let me know. If I understand you right (I always was dumb at arithmetic), I am much in your debt. The two last (or last two) eds of Margret[2] are only 300 copies? As you said the first was 1500 and all amount to 2000 only? As for per cent you owed me not 50 dollars then? Well I hope it will all come right, sometime. Shall you like to see me in Boston? For I am very much in the mind of going to Philadelphia in June and may go on unless something happens.

Please write. I don’t like to trouble you, but I wish to understand what your English friend means. If I could write a story about this war as I wish! And I could do that for English readers.


Another thing. Does he mean a story for a magazine or a book? David Gaunt will be finished in a week or two, I hope.


1. Alexander MacMillan (1818-1896), Scottish publisher and cofounder of Macmillan Publishing.

2. Margret Howth.


S.M. Harris


Richard Harding Davis Papers, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia



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