1863-05-15?, Annie Adams Field

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1863-05-15?, Annie Adams Field


May [15?, 1863], Philadelphia[1]

Dear Annie

I was more glad of that first sentence in your letter than you can believe & I write to say so today—in a chance moment. Carrie[2] is sick again and a friend from Wheeling here with whom I must ‘do’ Girard College, the Academies etc—at 12, so only the usual hurry—you see—

What happy pure days these are! I have a breath of country air every day thanks to Mr Davis’s care & instincts both. Nobody ever drew their breath from Nature as directly as he, I think. You are going to the White Mountains? You must send me long letters from that farm-house. I’ll be at home then, I think—

Mrs. Wallace[3] is fine. I wonder if a widow’s prayers are always heard. You and yours will receive your reward if they are—It was good & kind in Mr Fields—like him—as I said. When he can will he send the book to her—Mrs Sarah Wallace, New Brighton, Beaver county, Penna.

I don’t know when we can go to New York. Carrie’s health is so uncertain. Only for a couple of days if we do go. Wouldn’t I like to go a step farther? Mr Davis would like to as well. But that cannot be—at all—He sends his warmest regards to you both—Give mine to Mr Fields. Ask him not to forget that proof please. Not for his life—I had a letter from Kate Field[4] the other day. I wonder when I will get time for decent letter writing. Never, I think--Yours faithfully
R. H.D—


1. RHD dated the letter “May—I don’t know what / Friday.”

2. Carrie Davis Cooper, RHD’s sister-in-law.

3. Sarah Cochran Wallace was the widow of Rev. Benjamin J. Wallace, editor of the Presbyterian Quarterly.

4. Kate Field (1838-1896), American journalist and lecturer.


S, M. Harris


Richard Harding Davis Papers, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia



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